Sundeck is a new company in the yacht building industry.

The company is aimed to manufacture luxury and modern power, planning, long-range, trawler motor yachts. The vessels are strongly based on the concepts of reliability and sea-worthiness. “Being on-board for extended time, with maximum comfort in oder to really enjoy your time”: this is the inspiration which brought the company to the design of this yacht line, ranging from 14 to 26 meters, which is currently offered under Sundeck Yachts brand.


The 430 Open from Sundeck Yachts is the entry level of a new innovative leisure boats fleet, just introduced from the Company.
Its design, takes clear inspiration from traditional trawlers yachts and traditional Italian navettas with a clearly modern reinterpretation.
The 550 Sport is the first model of a new line-up of fast trawler with a truly stylish and unique design superstructure.
The boat is over 17 meters long and being built in several versions, thank to the choice of various layouts and decors available.
Sundeck 700 is a modern displacing-planning hull, long range, fast trawler, motor-yacht: totally projected, engineered and manufactured in Italy.
Sundeck 800 is a modern displacing-planning hull, long range, fast trawler, motor-yacht: totally projected, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

38 Metri

The 38 Meters is at moment the flagship project of the Company. Taking inspiration from Explorer and Passage Makers, heavy duty vessels, this modern super yacht has been drawn whether to enjoy extended


Ufficio vendite / Centro assistenza Calata Porto Turistico, 61 16033 Lavagna

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Unità produttiva/Centro assistenza Via Fratelli Lumiere 34 47121 Forlì

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Sede legale amministrativa Via Sandro Pertini, 119, 61122 Pesaro

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Alessandro Mancini Via Mergellina 220 80122 Napoli

Yacht Broker's Company

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Simone Orlandini Via per Lagosanto 12 44021 Codirago

Nautica del Delta S.r.l.

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Pietro Mauceri Via Riviera il Grande 40 96100 Siracusa

Boat Electronics S.r.l.

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Tommaso Moscatelli Marina Calagalera 24 58018 Porto Ercole

Yachtsynergy S.r.l.

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Brent Rubbo Cove Avenue 1 #02-01 Sentosa Cove Village, Singapore 098537

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Boris Lashkov Petrovskiy pr. 14/2 St-Petersburg, Russia

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Stephen Lewis Tichmarsh Marina Coles Lane Walton-on-the-Naye Essex CO14 8SL UK

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Nick Thom Muelle Golondrinas Avenida Gabriel Roca 33, Palma de Mallorca 07014 Balearic Islands Spain

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Goran Stanisic Marina Porto Montenegro, 85320 Tivat, Montenegro

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Liman Yachting Marina Port Soyopol, Bulgaria

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